The Forever Fund

Serenity House has been serving patients for over 30 years.The Year 2039 – Serenity at 60?

Launching into 2014, Serenity House celebrated 30 years of providing hope and help to a world of friends who suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol. In the last 30 years, approximately 30,000 people came to Serenity seeking HOPE and a FUTURE. That’s a lot of people and many of them are still clean and sober.

The hearts and hopes of the people served in these last 30 years, now turn to future generations… their children and grandchildren who might also need to come to Serenity seeking a ‘way out’!

With the economic uncertainty that our country faces, coupled with the current uncertainty of future funding and health reform we ask….  Will Serenity be here 25 years from now, in 2039?

We believe that the answer is “yes”, because Serenity belongs to a God (of our understanding), who loves and desires to help His children. But, we also believe that He expects us to do our part which includes being good stewards as well as planning for the future.



Serenity was created by local business men who wanted to help local friends who had become down and out due to alcohol addiction. Thus, helping the poor became Serenity’s mission and government assistance became the basis and only avenue for payment until roughly 1998. But now, even the government funds meet a smaller and smaller portion of the actual cost of providing treatment services. Right now, those State contracts, lack 35 percent, actually more than one-third, of being enough to cover our real expense.

Because we could see this phenomenon happening, more than a decade ago Serenity began to expand our service to care for individuals covered by insurance and private funds. Payment from those patients enabled us to continue to treat all people, especially those without insurance or the blessing of financial support. Competition for the few patients with insurance or the financial ability to pay for their treatment has become more intense, and even these dollars are soon not going to be enough to allow Serenity to “break even”. Addiction is now of epidemic proportions across TEXAS and our nation. We must plan now because all payment sources have become more complicated. We must make one of the best plans ever devised for Serenity to help ensure that people have a place to go when tried and proven addiction treatment is needed.



This is where you come in. If you are reading this you have some sort of relationship with Serenity, some sort of appreciation, some connection. You….everyone….can help guarantee our future.

We are working to develop a Special fund… THE FOREVER FUND so that the earned annual income from that fund will work to offset costs not paid by the State or private means. This will enable us to continue our mission even with the potential for a shrinking insurance or private pay patient census. Remember, Serenity is a charitable organization, exempt from income taxes, and eligible to receive charitable gifts, as a 501 (c) 3 corporation.

Please consider these ideas;\

  1 – Make a pledge with annual payments to help grow this endowment, or,

  2 – Make ‘anytime’ contributions labeled ‘THE FUTURE FUND’ which we will carefully protect using only the income for our work, or

  3 – Make a gift in your will to Serenity and when that day comes we will use that income in the same way, or

  4 – Create a gift annuity which pays you income for life, with the balance serving Serenity when you no longer need that income. We can manage it and help you set it up if it is age appropriate for you and us.


2014  —>  2019 —>  2024  —>  2029  —>  2039????


The three Serenity House treatment locations Abilene, Fredericksburg and Wichita Falls, all belong to God and to you.

If you feel led to help us secure our future, then call us today and let’s make “the plan”. Contact Dick Spalding or Cindy Wier. (Toll free (866)-795-HOPE) or in Abilene (325)-673-6489 ext. 200).

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