Admissions Process

Start with an Addiction Screening

​If you or a loved one have taken a substance abuse and addiction screening and feel you may have a problem, please consider contacting us about admission into our program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Or you can do a free screening now.

The admissions and addiction screening process for Serenity House Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Admissions Process

For 24-hour help with the admissions process just follow these simple steps.

1. Call us toll-free at 1.866.795.HOPE (4673).

2. We will take your addiction screening information.

3. Based on your addiction screening we will match your treatment needs with a personalized recovery program.

The admissions process is easy to start.  You can begin the admissions process online, or you can call our 24/7 hotline at 1.866.795.HOPE (4673) to take the free addiction screening over the phone.  This screening covers a wide range of topics including medical history, drugs of choice, family situation, and income information.  The addiction screening takes about an hour, and it is always the first step in the admissions process.  If you are in Abilene, you can come to the office at 1546 N. 2nd St. and conduct the screening in person.

You will normally hear back from Serenity House very quickly with the results of your screening and our recommendation for treatment programs.  Once you are admitted to our residential treatment program, depending on your level of recent drug use, your first few days may be spent in detoxification.  Our professional detox medical personnel help you adjust to a drug-free life in a way that is safe and as comfortable as possible.  Detox can take anywhere from 3-12 days.  Learn more about Detox….

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

After detox, most patients begin our residential drug and alcohol treatment program in Abilene or Fredericksburg. You will be given a personalized treatment plan based on a 4-week, 12 step curriculum.  Our residential program is full-time, with 30 hours of programming every week.  It is an opportunity for patients to practice living a normal, drug-free life.  Throughout your time here, you will receive important knowledge and tools, along with personal, group and family counseling.  Putting these tools to good use is the hard part; but thousands have found hope and freedom here, and you can too.  After you have completed the residential program, you can begin aftercare for continued support along your road to recovery.

At Serenity House, our doors are wide open, and we are anxious to help all those who need us. We look forward to speaking with you about your admission. We work with physicians, attorneys, insurance companies, mental health providers and family members acting on a client’s behalf to get the admission process started.

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