Drug and Alcohol Treatment at Serenity House


– We are a private, non-profit corporation licensed by the State of Texas and accredited by the Joint Commission.

– We meet all the requirements for third-party payment insurance claims.​

– We provide complete patient documentation for insurance purposes and medical follow-up.

-All of our counselors are licensed & certified for alcohol and drug abuse counseling.

Serenity House did not become one of the largest drug and alcohol treatment programs in the Southwest because growth was our goal—we grew because we are passionate about helping people. When you care about what you do, you do it well. And when you do something well, word tends to spread.  Well, word has spread, and since 1984, Serenity House has offered help and hope to over 30,000 patients.

People come to Serenity House from all over the country because Serenity’s staff care deeply about each and every patient. We craft an individualized treatment plan to suit your needs, based on our tried and true, twelve-step Recovery Dynamics curriculum. In addition to the amenities – such as access to a health and fitness center – that will make your stay with us comfortable, we offer a broad range of services and education, so that we aren’t just working towards “recovery.” We’re working towards your recovery.

Our individual, group and family counseling offer you and your family the support you need to get through the difficult process of drug and alcohol treatment and to begin on the road toward true recovery. Our Bridges program offers specialized drug and alcohol treatment for young adults battling with addiction during such a crucial life transition.

With over 30 hours of programming per week, patients in our residential drug and alcohol treatment program receive crucial educational tools for dealing with many complicating factors in their addiction such as trauma, specialized female issues, chronic relapse, dysfunctional family dynamics, and grief, as well as key life skills such as problem-solving, relaxation, and parenting.

Seeking a changed life is hard work. We are serious about drug and alcohol treatment because it is a life and death matter! At Serenity House, we have one of the best groups of substance abuse professionals in the nation; they are committed to helping you find a happy, joyous and chemical-free life. We offer hope for the future when you utilize the tools we teach you. The concepts are simple; the application is hard, but thousands have made it work. You can, too!

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