iFound Serenity Message by Dick Spalding

A few years ago we ran this heading and asked some of our alums to send videos of their stories.  That was great for us and the answers were as varied as you might imagine.

The truth is that everyone came here hunting something. They had addiction trouble and they came to deal with it. Some had criminal justice issues. Some were losing their families because of the fierceness of the disease and its effects on their lives. Others had never really had the comfort of a Higher Power leading in their lives. Most came because of their specific and urgent need.

The words that they used to describe the needs were varied but they came here pursuing change. And most found Serenity.

Now Serenity meant different things to each of them. To some it meant a way was found to deal with the legal issues they faced. Some had lost access to their children because of the disease, but over time they were able to find a way to restore former connections.

Others who found themselves battling life day after day and seemingly alone, were able to find a personal spiritual relationship with a Higher Power, who was able to strengthen them and shoulder much of the heavy loads they felt they had had to handle alone.

So, Serenity was a gift. It was and is here for the asking and taking. Our founders who named us Serenity House probably had personal knowledge of what might be found here by those who come. We are glad that those folks came. We are glad that we remain here offering the same to all who come with willing hearts.


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