Impact Youth Prevention

The mission of Serenity House Impact Youth Prevention Program is to equip this generation and community with the truth, empower them to make healthy choices, and ensure a future of high confidence, self-worth, and the ability to maximize their potential. Impact’s staff has a heart for youth and our community. We want them to experience healing, friendship, goal setting, and the ability to make good decisions. Our passion is unwavering and we are committed to build resiliency towards substance abuse.

Impact Youth Drug Prevention prevents drug and alcohol abuse in Abilene, Wichita Falls, and Weatherford.Everywhere that youth are is where Serenity’s Impact program wants to be! We currently teach youth in schools, recreation centers, after school care programs, juvenile correctional facilities and other sites across numerous counties in the greater Abilene and Wichita Falls areas. Funded by the State of Texas, Serenity’s Impact youth drug prevention program seeks to prevent future life and behavioral difficulties for the precious students in our communities.

Currently, Impact provides services for about 8,000 students in Abilene, Wichita Falls, and the surrounding areas. Find out how to bring Impact to your classroom, or find out more about who we serve!

Prevention is essential for breaking the cycle of addiction. We always say, “Keep them from jumping in upstream, and you won’t have to fish them out downstream.” Learn more about how youth drug prevention works…


Empower students to make healthy choices
Equip students with truth and life-skills
Challenge the media’s influence
Instruct and inform students about the effects of substance abuse
Provide a safe, open, and interactive environment
Encourage students to interact with their school faculty and their community
Provide relevant up-to-date information and statistics


All youth drug prevention curriculums implemented in schools and community sites are nationally approved and provide facts about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. These facts help students set goals and make good decisions for their life. Curriculum lessons give students skills for: managing emotions, communicating, making friendships, developing social skills, analyzing media messages and dealing with peer pressure. It is our goal to help build self-efficacy and become positive role models while implementing curriculum at community sites. Learn more about our curriculum….

Curriculum includes:
Too Good For Drugs K-8
Project Towards No Drug Abuse 9-12
Positive Action

Community Activities

Community partnership is a major part of youth drug prevention. Impact seeks to partner with schools, agencies, recreational parks, etc. to take part in educational, cultural, recreational and work-oriented substance-free activities to meet the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural needs of the community. Check out the community activities page.

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