Who We Serve

Through our Youth Prevention Universal (YPU) and Youth Prevention Indicated (YPI) programs, we serve over 8,000 students in Abilene and the Big Country, Wichita Falls, and now Cisco and Eastland.

According to a 2012 study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, rough 11% of eighth graders nationwide had consumed alcohol in the month prior to the study. This number grew to 41.5% for twelfth graders. 6.5% of eighth graders had used marijuana; 22.9% of twelfth graders. 4.9% of eighth graders had used tobacco; 17.1% of twelfth graders. These represent the huge problem of drug abuse among our nation’s youth – the youth we serve. Recent studies have also shown that prevention programs over the last decade have been effective in curtailing the growth of drug use among youth.

Youth Prevention Universal (YPU) is a 10 week program for students K-8th. Our curriculum is evidence-based and age appropriate, so we build protective factors in students of all ages while equipping them with knowledge about drugs and alcohol that is appropriate to their age level. We are a student-focused program; our prevention specialists do whatever it takes to connect with their students and make an impact on their lives.

Youth Prevention Indicated (YPI) is a twelve lesson program that is geared towards students in 9th-12th grade who are at risk for drug and alcohol abuse or are already abusing drugs and alcohol. Our YPI specialists also conduct individual mentoring with each student.

We are funded through grants administered by the State of Texas, as well as through private donations. Our goal is to reach as many of our communities’ youth as possible so that they never have to experience addiction and its devastating effects.

Impact is currently active in the schools listed to the right. Are you a teacher, counselor or principal? Bringing Impact to your classroom is easy!

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