Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis patients are those who suffer both from drug or alcohol addiction and from one or more other mental illnesses – most commonly anxiety, depression, psychosis, and schizophrenia. These co-occurring conditions complicate a person’s treatment because they often reinforce each other. For instance, a person may begin and/or continue their drug use as a way of self-medicating their mental illness or as a way of finding social acceptance outside of the label “mentally ill.” On the other hand, a person might develop disorders or begin displaying symptoms because of drug use. Alternatively, both could arise from a similar cause, be it genetic, environmental, developmental, or physiological.

Patients at Serenity House are treated first and foremost for drug and alcohol dependency, but we seek to provide the highest quality care by taking into account any co-occurring disorders that might complicate a patient’s recovery process. Our counselors are qualified and experienced in recognizing and offering either treatment or referrals for a wide-range of co-occurring conditions.

Serenity House provides hope, respite, and the tools you need to recover from drug and alcohol addiction, no matter your situation. Our medical staff and counselors will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that provides a road out of darkness and into the light of true recovery.

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