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So many men and women have found hope and freedom from drug and alcohol addiction through our recovery program. Over the years, many of our former patients stay in contact with us. It is so encouraging to hear their stories of how Serenity House changed their lives and helped them find hope. Here are a few their stories:

Michael shares his recovery journey.“Run fix me a drink son,” was a common request from Michael’s father when they would be out fishing and hunting on his grandparents’ 15,000 acre deer ranch in south Texas.
At that point in his life, Michael did not know anything about alcohol or alcoholism and certainly could never have imagined the destruction that the disease would bring on every aspect of his life. All he knew was that his grandparents had a large collection of pretty crystal and glass bottles and that they seemed to get friendlier when they were drinking.
Michael tried alcohol for the first time when he was eleven or twelve years old. Fixing a whiskey and water for his dad, as he had so many times before, he got curious and tried a few shots of whiskey for himself.​…

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 Bart’s Story

From Bart’s Father:

From a father’s perspective and in the judgement of seasoned professionals, a heartbreaking train wreck was delivered to Serenity House nine years ago and who we got back became a hero.

A young man who put his goodtime drink and drugs ahead of everything else learned to embrace and enjoy stability. The lessons that Serenity House taught him to reach within and become someone who is trustworthy and dependable–not just for his kids, friends and family, but, most importantly, for himself. Serenity House helped him build this sturdy foundation for happiness.

As a result of his personal triumph, the joy of serenity has become a family feeling. Our lives, thanks to Serenity House, have been blessed by conversations, not shouting matches, understanding, not resentment, and above all, the genuine excitement of respectful life enjoyed one happy and serene day at a time.

With new hope and deep gratitude,

Bart’s Father

From Bart:

I would always think I could do it on my own. I didn’t realize how powerful the drugs and alcohol had become in my life. I had lost everything and watched a house of stability crumble into and isolated man with no answers. I knew there must be a place to help me. I walked into Serenity House on March 19 and found those answers.

Every person I met at Serenity House took the time to explain to me that it was a disease and I was not the first to feel this way. Since my time in Abilene, I have become the father I wanted to be, the friend and family member I needed to be, and the positive part of my community I had always hoped to be.

If you feel you are at a point where you are alone, please understand there is a place to find help. For me, the quickest way home was through their doors.


Divorced At Last (from Whiskey)

Written by a former Serenity House patient

Our divorce is final NOW. I can finally breathe again and celebrate my freedom.

I tried everything to make our relationship work. I gave you the house, all my retirement, the vehicles, the boat. I even gave up most of my friends and career for you.

You never really gave my family a chance. You were hateful to my mom. You even tried to keep me from talking to her and my son.

You ruined all of our family get togethers. You must have loved me a lot; you were very jealous of others and kept me secluded and all for yourself.

You were a very abusive mate; but, I loved you no matter what. After all, it was ‘til death do us part.

You were constantly scheming to involve the cops in our relationship – but, I would always take you back and try again. I tried to make our relationship good for both of us; I enrolled us in counseling sessions in several attempts to keep us compatible.

I don’t generally give up on relationships very easily. This one is no exception. I fought hard. I thought a lot about how to continue our relationship; but, there is too much hurt, too much loss, too much distrust – reconciliation is out of the question.

I was so faithful to you, I gave you everything I had. But, the divorce is over now. I can start fresh, the judge has settled our case.

Read this protective order closely as it shall be enforced.

1) You are not to come to my house.
2) You are to stay away from me at all times.
3) You cannot come to my place of work.
4) You are not allowed visitation of my son.
5) You will not be allowed to harass me or my family in any way.

Don’t be sad. As seductive as you are, you’ll find another. You’ll be back out on the town tonight most likely.

As for me, I am going to enjoy the single life for a while.

Good bye Whiskey!
Hello World!

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