What Our Patients Say

“I was told it was the best in the nation and having been to other treatment centers several times I have never had an experience quite like this and the education to my family had a phenomenal affect on my family.”

 “I will refer Serenity to every person I meet that wants to better themselves. I will always be grateful for my time spent here at Serenity House. I truly believe that this has been a life altering experience for me.”

“Far as I’m concerned from Techs to counselors to nurses and management you people have kept me from dying.”

 “The techs were the best. I will miss them. They were never too busy to help. They kept the peace in the house and went out of their way to answer any questions we had.”

“I am so very grateful to the entire staff. You all have inspired me with your genuine care and concern.”

 “I am so thankful that I came here. I just want to say thank you for helping God help me. I love Serenity House and I’m starting to love me.”

“I came in thinking I’ll go through the motions but now I am well on my way to becoming the husband and son I was intended to be. My life will forevermore be changed by the enlightenment of Serenity House.”

 “A program that works if you are willing to work it.”

“Wonderful staff and excellent program.”

 “I would and or will refer more than one friend.”

“Serenity House saved my life from me.”

 “You have the best nurses around, very patient and caring.”

“I love all of you. I’m blessed to have been so cared for by all of you.”

“I am so grateful to have been given a place to be safe and serene so that I could just focus on my recovery. I found what I was looking for because of Serenity. All my worldly needs were met.”

“I know now I can have fun clean and sober. I’ve done more fun stuff here in the last 28 days than I’ve done in my whole life, I couldn’t list it all if I tried.”

 “I came here broken, scared, alone and unloved. I never walked into a room where there wasn’t a smile and a hug.”

“After attending 15 previous treatment centers (always leaving before completion) I am happy to say I have FINALLY learned that I can’t do this alone. I’ve got to have my higher power. Thank you for teaching me that I have tools to use to help me stay sober and all I have to do is take one day at a time and work my steps.”

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