Bridges Youth Treatment Program

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s youth. For teenagers and young adults, often in a stage of drastic life transition, the drugs and alcohol that initially seem to offer a welcome relief from the stress of life or a sure way to have a good time quickly consume them. Life spirals out of control, and depending on the age someone begins to abuse drugs and alcohol, they may never have developed the coping skills to deal with life in any other way.

Our substance abuse recovery program includes a special program for youth treatment. The Bridges Youth Treatment Program offers in-patient treatment specifically tailored to the needs of teens and young adults. Through the Bridges Program, addicted young people can find hope for their recovery journey; coping skills to help them confront life without drug and alcohol abuse; referrals to social services including job training, education, housing, transportation assistance, spiritual support, and employment assistance to help them find their footing during the initial stages of their recovery; individual recovery counseling as they confront and overcome their substance abuse disorder; and a strong network of peer recovery partners to walk beside them in their continuing journey out of drug and alcohol addiction.

Some youth from the Bridges Youth Treatment Program also go on to become residents of the Tree House, a halfway house for youth. The Tree House promotes accountability and long-term recovery for its participants by providing safe, monitored housing, continued access to Serenity’s social services department, mandatory outpatient treatment, and continued partnership with Serenity’s ever-growing recovery network.

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