Family Treatment Services

Family Services help the families of addicts join in their recovery journey.Addiction is a disease that affects not only an individual but also that person’s entire family. Addicts and their families can often get caught in cycles of enabling or even codependency that perpetuate the addiction. Meanwhile, patients who have gone through a drug and alcohol recovery program sometimes emerge from treatment ready to resume a healthier role in their families only to find that their families do not know how to adjust to those new roles.

At Serenity House, our treatment program is holistic. We seek to equip patients and their families with the tools they need to adjust to a life free from drug and alcohol addiction through our family treatment services program.

Our family treatment services program provides resources and tools for the families of our patients. Most patients stay in treatment for about four weeks, and we offer four critical classes/discussions for family members each Saturday over the course of those four weeks. We provide education on the effects of addiction on the family as well family roles and their interaction with their addicted loved one. It is important for family members to understand their loved one’s addiction, the process of recovery, and their role in this process.

Patients emerging from a treatment program need all the love, support, and care they can get. While many family members desire to give this support, they often don’t know how to do that in the most effective way. Attending our family treatment classes and discussion will help family members be proactive and involved with their loved one’s recovery.

Serenity House also offers weekly Family Support Groups as a FREE community resource for those who love an alcoholic or an addict in both the San Antonio and Fort Worth areas.


San Antonio – Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Saint George Episcopal Church
6904 West Avenue
Saint Matthew Room
San Antonio, TX 78213

Family Support Group on Tuesdays
Aftercare Group on Wednesdays

Facilitated by Joan Ellis, LPC, LCDC
(210) 325-0119
Community Liaison Kay Speier
(210) 837-0017


Fort Worth – Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

La Mancha Building
2701 West Berry Street
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 705-6202
Facilitated by Beth Foster MS, LPC, LCDC, SAP

Community Liaison LeeAnn Mickel MA, LCDC
(806) 206-1458

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