Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is no easy process.  Many who are addicted are not even aware that they have an actual disease, nor do they have the tools they need to recover.  For the last thirty years, we have helped over 30,000 patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We have a tried and true, comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab program that equips patients with important mental, physical and emotional resources for their recovery.  Rather than relying on just one approach, we craft a personalized addiction treatment program to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Our approach to drug and alcohol rehab includes group counseling sessions.

Medical Model

We utilize a medical model in our drug and alcohol rehab because addiction is a disease; it actually changes a person’s brain chemistry. Our detox program is overseen by experienced nurses and physicians who implement a safe, healthy detoxification plan based on each patient’s drugs of choice and intoxication levels. Our residential addiction treatment program does not settle for symptom relief; we want to address the root causes of the disease so that true healing can occur.

Twelve Step Program

In our experience, there is no program of recovery that has brought freedom to more alcoholics and drug addicts than the twelve-step program.  It’s effectiveness is proven by the millions of people who are living clean and sober because of the transformation they found through working the steps.  Our treatment center patients engage these steps through the Recovery Dynamics curriculum, which utilizes a cognitive behavioral therapeutic model.  As patients complete assignments related to each step, it promotes cognitive restructuring, actually changing the way they think about addiction, relationships, and lifestyle choices.

Professional Recovery Counseling

Patients work through this curriculum in the context of individual counselinggroup counseling, and educational lectures.  Upon admission, patients are paired with a licensed counselor with whom they meet on a regular basis during the course of their addiction treatment.  Additionally, patients meet daily with a process group and group counselor to process the challenges, joys and insights of the recovery process.

Education through daily lectures and processing groups augment the individual and group counseling.  Counselors and qualified agency staff conduct classes that equip patients with essential knowledge about the disease of addiction, complicating factors to addiction, and important life skills and recovery techniques.  We offer additional classes for clients with specific needs such as specialized women’s issues, chronic relapse, and other specialized tracks.

Family Services

Drug and alcohol addiction do not just affect the one using the drugs; it affects the person’s entire family.  Family members are often times in need of healing from the hurt and damage that has been done, and in many cases they can be part of a system that perpetuates the disease – even when they do not want to be.  For that reason, Serenity House offers family services, including weekly lectures and family counseling, so that invested family members can experience healing along with the patient and can become an integral part of his or her drug and alcohol rehab program.

Addiction Treatment for Youth

For young adult patients in their late teens and early twenties, our Bridges Program offers specialized support during a time of such major life transition.  Patients in the Bridges Program have been very successful turning their life around from drug addiction and alcoholism and securing a brighter future going forward.

Non-residential Addiction Treatment

For some patients, residential treatment is not an option or the best choice for their recovery journey.  Patients can experience many of the services provided in residential treatment through our outpatient treatment program. Our staff can and will assist patients in assuring their participation in the correct level of care that best addresses their needs.

We are eager to help you find healing and hope, and our proven approach has worked for thousands who have gone before you.  To read some stories of Serenity patients who have worked the program and are living clean and sober, visit our Success Stories page.

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