Recovery Dynamics Treatment Curriculum

Recovery dynamics treatment curriculum is administered by professional staff.Serenity House utilizes the Recovery Dynamics treatment curriculum, which teaches the twelve-step recovery program clearly and comprehensively. Recovery Dynamics curriculum orients patients toward twelve-step support groups through substance abuse education and intensive individual and group counseling. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques are used to help achieve a change in attitude and behavior. This has been one of the most successful programs in the United States, and through it we have seen tens of thousands liberated from addiction.

As they say, the steps work if you work them.  The Recovery Dynamics treatment curriculum is designed to help you work the steps, to get beneath the surface in the context of individual and group counseling, and to restructure the way your brain processes the world – the way you handle emotions, decisions, relationships, etc.

As part of the treatment curriculum, patients are given daily assignments to complete during personal study time that integrate with the rest of the Serenity House treatment programming.  Other aspects of the treatment curriculum are done in group settings or in one-on-one counseling sessions with their personal counselor.

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