Personalized Substance Abuse Treatment

At Serenity House, we understand that while the disease of addiction has similarities from person to person, every person’s disease looks unique.  Addiction is a disease that affects people from different races, socio-economic backgrounds, careers, family situations, and cultures. There are many different contributing factors and many different symptoms, and each patient brings a unique set of experiences with them on the road to recovery.  Since substance abuse treatment is not just about not drinking or using drugs but is about addressing the myriad of contributing factors, treatment will not look exactly the same for any two people.

Each patient and their counselor will work together to develop a personalized substance abuse treatment plan that addresses their specific problems, background, life situation and drug abuse history.  We will give special consideration to the possibility of co-occurring conditions, dual disorders, cross-addictions, and any other factors with the potential to block recovery.

Based on their substance abuse treatment plan, patients will be able to take advantage of the many services offered at Serenity House, such as medical detoxification, individual counseling, group counseling, educational lectures, family counseling, local twelve-step meetings, specialized support groups, and access to a health and fitness center.  At Serenity House we have tried and true resources for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, so that no matter what you bring to the table, you will find the tools you need to find freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

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