Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is available through Serenity House in Abilene, Fredericksburg, and Wichita Falls.Every patient suffering from addiction is unique, with a unique set of circumstances surrounding their disease. This is why Serenity House offers a flexible outpatient treatment program.

Why Outpatient Treatment?

​Outpatient treatment is a convenient, affordable treatment option that allows you to enjoy many of the resources offered in residential treatment without leaving your family, job, etc. Outpatient care includes individual and group counseling as well as lectures and group processing. The frequency of these sessions is reduced from the more intense residential treatment schedule.

Outpatient treatment is a drug rehab solution that is appropriate for someone who chronically abuses drugs and alcohol but may not have developed a diagnosis of dependency. Persons who benefit from outpatient treatment typically have longer periods of sobriety between relapses and enjoy a living environment that is conducive for their recovery.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient treatment includes group counseling for up to 9 hours per week depending on the patient’s need. Patients also get 1 hour of individual counseling per week with one of our license professional drug and alcohol abuse counselors. In group and individual counseling, in conjunction with personal study time, patients work through our recovery dynamics curriculum, which addresses the underlying factors that contribute to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction and aids in the cognitive restructuring and building of positive habits that provide for true recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Patients should remain enrolled in outpatient treatment for 60-90 days to experience the full benefit of the program, at which point they can transfer to our aftercare program for continued support and recovery.

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