Residential Treatment

For thirty years, Serenity House has offered hope and help to patients affected by drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is a black pit that it is impossible to escape alone. Our comprehensive, personalized residential treatment program offers temporary relief from situations that exacerbate addiction, an opportunity to practice a healthy, drug-free life and build the habits necessary for such a life, and a set of tools that can bring sobriety within reach. Our program is based on a twelve-step model that addresses the underlying factors contributing to the disease of addiction. If you think that you or a loved one could benefit from our residential treatment program, call us toll-free at 866.795.4673 or begin the admission process online.

Depending on the severity of a patient’s addiction, their drug of choice, and their recent usage, detoxification is often the first step of the process. Our medical staff of nurses and physicians supervise patients 24/7 to ensure safety and health and to ease the difficult process of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

A patient cleared from detox immediately begins the residential treatment program. They are assigned a counselor who helps to develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan will involve group counseling, individual counseling, classes and group processing, fitness and nutrition, and regular twelve-step meetings. We aim to treat the primary addiction to drugs and alcohol with an eye to the patient’s particular situation, especially any complicating factors – cross-addiction, co-occurring conditions, mental health conditions, etc. Find out what a typical day at Serenity House looks like.

In group counseling, patients have the opportunity to process their recovery experience with other patients and a counselor. It is an essential time for growth and self-discovery. Patients often help each other to recognize blind spots, confront personal flaws, and deal with unresolved issues. It is an opportunity to listen and learn, but also to be heard by others who are walking the same road of recovery.

Individual counseling is a mainstay of our residential treatment program. Each patient is assigned a counselor who they meet with throughout the week. Our counselors primarily employ cognitive behavioral therapy to help challenge false cognitive patterns and harmful behaviors and promote positive behaviors that support sobriety. They are well-trained and licensed professionals, and they are able to employ a wide range of approaches to address the specific needs of an individual.

Education is a key component of our program, because knowledge is power. Many addicts do not understand the specifics of their disease, and some never knew that it was a disease. Through classes and lectures, our staff equips patients with important knowledge about the disease and its treatment, as well as a host of specialized topics related to drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. In group processing, the lessons sink in and are applied to each individual’s situation.

Graduation from the program is by no means the end of a person’s recovery process; in many ways, it is the true beginning of the journey. As patients return to homes, family, job, etc., equipped with new tools and knowledge for overcoming addiction, we encourage them to remain plugged in with aftercare. Our aftercare program allows them to remain plugged in with a fellowship of recovery that will support them in achieving long-term recovery goals.

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