Recovery Education

When it comes to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, knowledge is power.  The more you know about the disease, its effects and its underlying causes, the easier it will be to navigate the road to recovery.  This is why at Serenity House we offer daily recovery education lectures on a wide range of addiction-related topics.  We will equip you with the knowledge and resources that you need to successfully overcome your addiction.

Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing.  During daily recovery education sessions, drug and alcohol specialists teach our patients about this disease.  As you learn more and more about the disease, the murky waters begin to clear and the path to recovery becomes clearer.  Understanding the way that drugs and alcohol affect the body and the brain is essential for recovery.  Recognizing the pathology of addiction, how “cravings” occur, and the common pitfalls that lead to relapse empowers patients to find long-term recovery that actually breaks the addictive cycle.  Realizing how grief, family dynamics, friendships, stress and a host of other factors exacerbate the disease is also important and is essential for restructuring their lives.

Everyone participates in recovery education on the basics of addiction and recovery based on our Recovery Dynamics curriculum, and additional elective lectures are offered for specialized topics, like grief, parenting, chronic relapse, and many more.

Patients have time to process what they learn and personalize the information for their recovery journey through group counseling.  In addition to normal group meeting times, there are special sessions devoted to processing the information from lectures and applying it to the specific circumstances surrounding each person’s recovery.  This means that the invaluable information offered during classes is reinforced and applied.

Since addiction does not just affect an individual, but the whole family, recovery education is also offered weekly for family members to learn about the disease of addiction and the essentials of true recovery.  Families learn about the role that they can play in their loved one’s recovery and gain insights into what their loved one’s recovery journey looks like.  Then, in family counseling, they have an opportunity to process these discoveries, along with their own personal feelings and experiences.

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