Group Addiction Counseling

At Serenity House, we know that no one should walk the difficult road to recovery alone.  For this reason, each patient participates in daily group addiction counseling sessions.  Each patient is unique with unique challenges to recovery, but many of our patients are encouraged to discover that other people can relate to their challenges and have been or are in a similar place.  Group counseling is an opportunity for patients to share their deepest struggles and challenges, confront blocks to recovery, personalize information they have received during daily lectures, and provide and receive support along with their fellow patients.

Group addiction counseling is a key component residential drug and alcohol treatment.

Led by an experienced, licensed drug and alcohol counselor, group members share their deepest, most personal feelings and receive encouragement, help, support, and insight to aid their recovery. The group empowers its members to recognize and confront personal blocks to recovery and to sort through and personalize the information received during treatment. Knowing that the other group members are experiencing a similar journey to themselves, patients can entrust the group with things they would not normally share, ask for insight and advice, and grow together with their fellow group members.

Group addiction counseling is one of the key building blocks to our drug and alcohol treatment program. Patients receive the fellowship and solidarity they need to effectively recover from drug and alcohol addiction, and they process the new information and insights from daily lectures so that the learning becomes personal and applied.​

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