Individual Recovery Counseling

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive, but the road to that recovery can be a difficult, emotionally turbulent process as you confront the deepest roots of addiction. This is why every patient at Serenity House spends regular, one-on-one time with an experienced, licensed drug and alcohol counselor. Our counselors have helped countless others find freedom from alcohol addiction, and they are ready to help you do the same.

Individual recovery counseling is one of the keys to successful recovery. It is where the rubber meets the road for a patient, and they receive the support and encouragement they need to take steps towards recovery. Each patient is assigned a counselor upon admission to Serenity House, and they work with this person throughout the course of their recovery. At graduation from the program, counselors are there to congratulate their patients and encourage them for the next stage of their recovery.

Individual recovery counseling sessions are an opportunity for patients to identify and work through the specific “whys” of their addiction and any obstacles to their recovery with the help of experienced, compassionate professionals. These obstacles can include low self-esteem, mental health disorders, dysfunctional family dynamics, unresolved grief, and co-occurring conditions. At the start of recovery counseling, counselors work with each patient to develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. They work with other Serenity staff members, as well as doctors and mental health professionals, to coordinate seamless, holistic care for each patient.

In one-on-one recovery counseling sessions, patients get real with their counselors, and together they confront the deep, underlying causes of addiction. Counselors provide important information and insight along the way, but mostly they give patients the encouragement they need, in a safe environment, to deal with anything that would block their recovery.


I tried so many times to get clean and sober and couldn't string many days together until I came to Serenity, and I what I learned there changed my life.

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