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Serenity Foundation of Texas


Dear Family/Friend:

Welcome to Serenity House! We are glad you are here.  Supportive family and friends play an important role in recovery of addicts and alcoholics.  Recovery is a process and it takes time.  Our mission at Serenity House is to provide a therapeutic environment for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependent individuals, so that they can live productive lives in recovery, and to provide assistance, direction and education to their families.


Your responsibility is to read and understand our rules and regulations for visitation to our facility as well as for clients in treatment.

As a visitor we ask that you:

  1. On Saturday check in at the Serenity Chapel (248 Mulberry).  Please check in all items to be left for a client at the front desk.
  2. On Sunday, check in at the front desk of the Counselor Building at 1526 North 2nd Street.  Please check in all items to be left for a client at the front desk as well.
  3. Please do not bring any outside food or drinks onto the property.  We have soft drink machines, tea and coffee available for your convenience.
  4. Please do not bring cameras, cell phones, or other electronic equipment on Serenity property.  Please leave purses, bags and backpacks in a locked vehicle while you are at Serenity.
  5. Please follow the same dress code as our clients.  While here, no halter tops, tank tops, t-shirts with suggestive or inappropriate slogans are to be worn.  Short and skirts must be below the knee
  6. Remain in designated visitation areas.  Clients are not allowed to go to a visitor’s vehicle and must stay n the interior of the campus.
  7. Please keep a close eye on children to avoid injury to them or others.  Children are not allowed in the Detox area.



Family Lecture begins at 10:30 AM, Arrive at 10:00 AM

Lunch will be provided for up to 4 family members per client

Family lecture is mandatory for visitors on Saturday

Visitation ends at 2:30 PM

Children under 10 years of age may not attend


Open Visitation from 1 PM to 4 PM

There is no visitation Monday – Friday

We truly thank you for your participation in our program and the lives of our clients.

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  we hope you have a great visit.


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