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Family Is Everything

You can’t go through your recovery alone, and that means you can’t do it without the love and support of your family. Addiction affects families and loved ones, but it’s important that they’re there for you in a time of need. Sometimes, families are the reason for an addiction or they enable one. Whether your family is part of the reason for your drug or alcohol addiction or you want to resume a healthier, happier role in your family, we can help. We serve the Lubbock, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Abilene, TX area.

At Serenity House, our family treatment program is holistic. We seek to equip patients and their families with the tools they need to adjust to a life free from drug and alcohol addiction. We help bring families closer through sobriety.


Our family treatment services program provides resources and tools for the families of our patients. Most patients stay in treatment for about four weeks, in which we offer four critical classes/discussions for family members each Saturday. We educate patients and families on how addiction can affect the family as well as how different interactions can affect their loved one in recovery. It is important for family members to understand their loved one’s addiction, the process of recovery, and their role in this process.

Patients emerging from a treatment program need all the love, support, and care they can get. While many family members desire to give this support, they often don’t know how to do that in the most effective way. Attending our family treatment classes and discussions will help family members be proactive and involved with their loved one’s recovery.

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