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Impact Youth Prevention Specialists connect with students of all ages throughout Abilene, Wichita Falls, Weatherford, and the surrounding areas. We are passionate about spreading the word of prevention, especially to today’s youth, through community involvement, activities, and of course, education.

Through prevention education, we address the underlying risk factors that lead to drug and alcohol abuse, and we work hard to help students set goals, build social skills, communicate effectively, make good decisions, and recognize and handle emotions. The Too Good for Drugs, Project Towards No Drug Abuse, and Positive Action curriculums are age-appropriate and evidence-based.

We are privileged to serve over 8,000 students every year. Teachers invite our prevention specialists to be weekly guest speakers in their classrooms, where we implement our 10-week program. Through our Youth Prevention Universal program, we teach K-8th grade students engaging, informative lessons as well as facts related to drugs and alcohol.

In our Youth Prevention Indicated program, we teach at-risk 9th-12th graders using the Project Towards No Drugs curriculum to try and reverse the trend of drug use among these students. Through our Youth Prevention Selected program, we work with students who are at risk of drug and alcohol abuse, but who are not currently abusing drugs. Using the Positive Action curriculum, we empower students with emotional intelligence and decision-making skills. Find out more about who we serve, or bring Impact to your classroom!

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Who We Serve

Through our Youth Prevention Universal (YPU) and Youth Prevention Indicated (YPI) programs, we serve over 8,000 students in Abilene and the Big Country, Wichita Falls, and now Cisco and Eastland.

According to a 2012 study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, roughly 11% of eighth graders nationwide had consumed alcohol in the month prior to the study. This number grew to 41.5% for twelfth graders. 6.5% of eighth graders had used marijuana; 22.9% of twelfth graders. 4.9% of eighth graders had used tobacco; 17.1% of twelfth graders. These represent the huge problem of drug abuse among our nation’s youth – the youth we serve. Recent studies have also shown that prevention programs over the last decade have been effective in curtailing the growth of drug use among today’s youth.

Youth Prevention Universal (YPU) is a 10-week program for students in grades K-8. Our curriculum is evidence-based and age-appropriate, so we build protective factors in students and teach them age-appropriate material about drugs and alcohol. We are a student-focused program, meaning our prevention specialists go above and beyond to connect with their students and be a positive force in their lives.

Youth Prevention Indicated (YPI) is a program that is geared towards students in 9th-12th grade who are at risk for drug and alcohol abuse or are already abusing drugs and alcohol. This program includes 12 informative lessons, and individual mentoring with each student by our YPI specialists.

We are funded through grants administered by the State of Texas, as well as through private donations. Our goal is to reach as many of our communities’ youth as possible so that they never have to experience addiction and its devastating effects.

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Youth Prevention Universal
Prevention Specialists in our Youth Prevention Universal program teach Too Good for Drugs, a state-approved curriculum for grades K-8, in 30-50 minute lessons. Students will learn new material through hands-on activities, worksheets, videos, and many other methods.

The 10-week curriculum focuses on equipping students with accurate, age-appropriate knowledge about drugs and alcohol, while building protective factors in five main areas:

  1. Goal Setting – Students will learn the value of setting goals, discuss the differences between short- and long-term goals and personal and group goals, and practice setting their own goals.
  2. Social Skills – Students will learn how to choose and make friends, request and offer help, recognize others’ feelings, celebrate differences, participate in positive peer groups, and engage in community service.
  3. Decision Making – Students will learn about social influences, differentiate between what’s considered safe and unsafe, and discuss consequences and the importance of learning from mistakes. Students also learn how to make safe and healthy choices and are taught the importance of personal responsibility and commitment to make good decisions.
  4. Identifying and Managing Emotions – Students will learn about emotions they experience or will experience and how to handle them, self-esteem, and practice recognizing and demonstrating various feelings.
  5. Communicating Effectively – Students will learn techniques regarding emotional expression, listening, paraphrasing, assertiveness, resisting peer pressure, and positive self-talk. They are also given opportunities to practice these skills.

Youth Prevention Indicated
Prevention specialists in our YPI program teach a 6-week course that focuses on students who are at risk or indicated for drug and alcohol abuse. They utilize the Project Towards No Drug Abuse curriculum. Our specialists will meet one-on-one with students to help them address risk factors and live drug-free lives. Learn more about the Project Towards No Drug Abuse program.

Youth Prevention Selected
Our prevention specialists work with select groups of students to implement the Positive Action curriculum, which focuses on the way that our thoughts, feelings, and actions impact each other. Learn more about the Positive Action program.

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