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“Great techs, great counselors, great people who know and care about one’s recovery. Never been in a rehab and this was one of the best experiences in my recovery! One day at a time.”

“I absolutely enjoyed my stay, the counselors and my sisters.”

“I’ve been using for thirty years, been to prison three times. Got a new charge so, at first, Serenity was to keep court off me. But, something actually stuck. I want it forever not just until my court is taken care of. I did Outpatient, moved here and, for the first time since 2000, am holding a job I love. Going to Serenity is something I love and want to keep. I couldn’t have done it without Serenity House and staff. Love for y’all.”

“Life changing, very caring, loving staff, nice clean living arrangements. Excellent counselors, great curriculum and continued support after completion. I would highly recommend it and the Outpatient program to anyone.”

“Serenity is a great rehab giving you the tools you need to stay sober. The counselors are top notch as well as the tech staff. The nursing staff is kind and caring! If you are looking for a great place to get treatment, Serenity Abilene is the place to go.”

“Serenity House is an overall great rehab facility. Counselors are great and lectures keep you informed and give great information on the science of addiction.

“Serenity House offers a very warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment that encouraged me to take the steps I needed to walk away from my addiction and poor coping skills. It has been very encouraging to have counselors who are open to discuss their own life experiences and to encourage me over the last three months to grow from my own experiences into the person I am called to be. I only hope God will use my story to encourage others who have endured similar struggles in the way my counselors have encouraged me.”

“The best thirty days of my life. I love who I’ve become and have learned so much about myself. Thank you Serenity House.”

“This was a wonderful experience to help with my sobriety. Everyone was kind and caring and knowledgeable. I learned a lot about myself and my disease. I would definitely refer anyone who is affected by this disease to this facility.

“Thank you! I will never have the words that will do this place any justice. You guys are amazing!”


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