Serenity House Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention

Community Activities

Providing Positive Alternative Activities

Providing youth in our community with positive alternative activities that are drug and alcohol free is an essential aspect of youth prevention. We offer engaging, creative, fun community activities that give students a safe place, outside of school, to be with each other and with positive role models.

Our community activities are designed to stimulate our student’s minds, promote self-expression, and foster community engagement. Here are some examples of community activities we have sponsored:

The Feast Of Sharing

Every year we join the annual Feast of Sharing event hosted by HEB. We provide an engaging activity for children and their families that helps to build protective factors and prevent substance abuse.

Region-Wide Poster Contest

Every spring students from all over the region participate in a poster contest. Each team creates a poster that discourages the use of tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana.  The top three winners receive prizes, and the first place poster is replicated and posted in schools all around the region. Click on the thumbnails below to see some winning posters from the past few years: