Serenity House Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention

Warning Signs Of Substance Abuse

Specific Symptoms

 warning signs of substance abuse can vary greatly depending on the person affected and the drug of choice, but the list below reflects some of the most common warning signs. If you or your loved one is experiencing any of the warning signs, call us at (866) 795-4673 for a free screening to see if you could benefit from any of our substance abuse treatment programs.

Physical, Emotional, And Behavioral

There are physical, behavioral, and emotional warning signs of substance abuse, affecting a person’s body in many, sometimes severe ways. Physical warning signs can include sudden weight loss, skin sores, red and irritated eyes, unusual cuts or bruises, vomiting, nausea, irregular heart rate, seizures, insomnia or irregular sleep patterns, and memory loss. Behavioral warning signs include unusual or erratic behavior, frequent deceptiveness or secretiveness, theft, shirking of important responsibilities such as work or school, dramatic changes in activity level, and sudden changes in social network or friend group. Emotional warning signs include mood swings, emotional volatility, increased aggression, and unexplained depression.

Some General Warning Signs Of Addiction

  • Increased tolerance of substances so that you need more and more of it to achieve the same feeling
  • Broken relationships or increased fighting with friends and family members, often marked by increased aggression or erratic emotions
  • You make frequent resolutions to stop using, only to return to it again and again
  • Loss of interest of focus on work, school, or anything else
  • You use substances to avoid or reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • Legal trouble related to drug use
  • You engage in dangerous or illegal behavior such as drinking and driving or dangerous stunts
  • You continuing using despite clear and compelling negative consequences