Serenity House Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention

Fredericksburg Treatment Center

Serenity In Fredericksburg

This beautiful treatment center is nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, just outside of historic Fredericksburg.  Known for its peach orchards, vineyards, and historic downtown, Fredericksburg epitomizes rest, relaxation, and retreat. 

The residential treatment program at the Fredericksburg treatment center accommodates 32 clients. Those needing detoxification will be sent to our Abilene campus for detox before beginning the residential treatment program in Fredericksburg.

Clients come to Serenity House from all over the country because of our proven track record, professional service, and familial environment.  We offer a nationally-recognized treatment curriculum, but also provide diversified, practical resources to keep your treatment individualized and recovery-driven. 

Photos From The Fredericksburg Campus