Our Approach to Recovery

Addiction treatment is not an easy or fast process, but you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, many people who have addictions are not even aware that they have an actual disease, nor do they have the tools they need to recover from it.

We have a tried and true, comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab program that equips patients with important mental, physical, and emotional resources for their recovery. Rather than relying on just one approach, we craft several personalized addiction treatment programs to meet the unique needs of each individual.

We utilize a medical model in our drug and alcohol rehab because addiction is a disease; it actually changes a person’s brain chemistry. Our detox program is overseen by experienced nurses and physicians who implement a safe, healthy detoxification plan based on each patient’s drug(s) of choice and intoxication levels. Our residential addiction treatment program does not settle for symptom relief; we want to address the root causes of the disease so that true healing can occur.

In our experience, there is no recovery program that has brought freedom to more alcoholics and drug addicts than the 12-step program. Its effectiveness is proven by the millions of people who are living clean and sober because of the transformation they found through working the steps. Our treatment center patients engage these steps through the Recovery Dynamics curriculum, which utilizes a cognitive behavioral therapeutic model. As patients complete assignments related to each step, it promotes cognitive restructuring, which changes the way they think about addiction, relationships, and lifestyle choices.

Patients work through this curriculum in the context of individual counseling, group counseling, and educational lectures. Upon admission, patients are paired with a licensed counselor with whom they meet on a regular basis during the course of their addiction treatment. Additionally, patients meet daily with a process group and group counselor to process the challenges, joys, and insights of the recovery process.

Education through daily lectures and processing groups augment the individual and group counseling. Counselors and qualified agency staff conduct classes that equip patients with essential knowledge about the disease of addiction, complicating factors to addiction, and important life skills and recovery techniques. We offer additional classes for clients with specific needs such as specialized women’s issues, chronic relapse, and other specialized tracks.

Drug and alcohol addictions don’t just affect the person abusing these substances; they affect the person’s family and loved ones, too. Family members are often healing from the hurt and damage that has been done by someone in their family, and in many cases, they can be part of a system that perpetuates the disease – even when they do not want to be. For that reason, Serenity House offers family services, including weekly lectures and family counseling. These allow invested family members to experience healing along with the patient, and to become an integral part of the patient’s drug and alcohol rehab program.

The support and love of a patient’s family can do more than words describe.

For young adult patients in their late teens and early twenties, our Bridges Program offers specialized support during major transitions in their lives. Patients who received treatment from the Bridges Program have been very successful in turning their lives around from drug addiction and alcoholism, as well as securing a brighter future going forward.

Our Peer Recovery Program helps patients who are early in their recovery achieve long-term sobriety through a variety of during- and post-treatment support. Peer Recovery Coaches form the heart of the program. Our dedicated staff works with individuals to help them build and rebuild their lives around 8 central domains defined as critical to a holistic approach to recovery by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

These domains include: Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental, Financial, Occupational, and Social. Our experienced staff helps to strengthen these areas to provide a well-rounded recovery effort. Through assertive outreach, education, additional support groups, community activities such as game nights, disc golf, and more, we improve your chances of sustained recovery.

Abilene Peer Recovery Coaches

Aaron Cherry, PhD
An Abilene native, Aaron grew up in a family that was torn by addiction. Having had a spiritual experience—a calling to help people—Aaron pursued education that would help him answer this call. During his formative years as an undergraduate at Abilene Christian University, he worked at Serenity House as a Chemical Dependency Technician. Aaron pursued a doctorate at Texas Christian University, studying the treatment of addictions and the implementation of evidence-based practices. Now holding a Ph.D., he has returned to Serenity, where he currently directs the Peer Recovery Program. Aaron is fulfilled by this opportunity because it fulfills his calling—to help people.

Phone: 325-673-6489 | Email: Aaron@serenitytexas.com

Tresha Miller, PM/PRC
Although Tresha came from a long line of pastors, she learned at a very young age about drug abuse and the associated drug life. Through the struggles of addiction, Tresha lost custody of her children, which prompted a realization of the need to change. Her recovery story begins in Abilene, TX, where she relearned how to face life on life’s terms. Tresha developed a passion for serving God and giving back to others struggling with addiction. Tresha feels blessed by the opportunity to serve with her job as a Peer Recovery Coach at Serenity. She has a passion for showing others that they can achieve recovery just as she did. Tresha now has reestablished trusting relationships with her family and children and has a proven track record of developing trusting relationships with her participants; this is a cornerstone of providing long-term support for the individuals she serves.

Phone: 325-673-6489 | Email: Tresha@serenitytexas.com

Justin Uphill, PM/PRC
Born and raised in Copperas Cove, TX, Justin grew up in a loving and caring home with older parents and sisters. Justin excelled in school until his life took a turn for the worse. He lost both parents at a young age, and his addiction became the center of his world. In October of 2013, Justin came to Serenity House and completed the Residential Treatment and Outpatient Programs. He decided to make Abilene his home and has continued his recovery journey since October 7, 2013. Justin is now a Peer Recovery Coach at Serenity House and recently resumed his education. He was recently accepted at the University of North Texas, where he will seek a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitative Studies. Justin loves being able to give back what he was given, and helping men become what they really want to be. Being able to assist others in finding their purpose is one of his greatest passions. Justin enjoys spending time with his family and the little moments that make life so great!

Phone: 325-673-6489 | Email: Justin@serenitytexas.com

Randa Russell
Phone: 325-673-6489 | Email: Randa@serenitytexas.com

Brett Burney
Phone: 325-673-6489 | Email: Brett@serenitytexas.com

Mike Prado
Phone: 325-673-6489 | Email: Mike@serenitytexas.com

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