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How Prevention Education Works

The Preventative Approach

Drug and Alcohol addiction is a disease, and it is contagious. It does not spread through germs; it spreads through systems – families, schools, communities. It is a cycle that has to be broken somewhere. Treatment for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts is one part of this process, but another important piece of the puzzle is prevention. We believe that if we equip our youth with the truth about drugs and alcohol and empower them to set goals, make healthy decisions, and resist peer pressure, we can prevent many of them from becoming addicted in first place.

So how does it work? We seek to curb the abuse of drugs and alcohol through the six domains of prevention.

The Six Domains Of Prevention

1. Information Dissemination

You may see an Impact booth set up at community events, as we try to inform the community about drug and alcohol addiction. We offer informational brochures that equip people with the real facts about drugs and alcohol, the dangers of addiction, and the special issues facing our youth. If you would like us to set up a booth at your event, contact us.

2. Prevention Education

The vast majority of our resources are poured into this domain. Our prevention specialists visit classrooms all over West Texas, implementing the Too Good For Drugs curriculum. Our compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable specialists connect with students on their level; we equip, empower, and inspire youth to make the most out of their lives – drug and alcohol free!

3. Alternatives (Community Activities)

We are committed to providing safe, fun, drug and alcohol free activities for youth in our area. Youth need opportunities to be with each other and with positive role models, outside of the school environment. We have hosted poetry slams, poster contests, Christmas parties, and more. Learn more about Community Activities…

4. Environmental Strategies

Environmental strategies promote policy changes that can have far-reaching effects in the community. This can include stricter age limits or enforcement for drug and alcohol use, as well as a host of other policies. These strategies require strong societal commitment, but, once enacted, they need little individual effort from the beneficiaries.

5. Community-Based Projects

Prevention cannot be fully accomplished in the classroom alone. It has to be reinforced and championed in the home and in the community. This is why we cooperate with and organize community coalitions that focus on expanding community resources for prevention. 

Learn more about Coalition Building…

6. Problem Identification & Referral

We provide education and individual attention for students who are indicated for drug and alcohol abuse. For 9th-12th grade students who fit this description, we implement Project Towards No Drugs, which seeks to reverse drug and alcohol abuse through education among at-risk teens.

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