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Youth Prevention Universal

Prevention Specialists in our Youth Prevention Universal program teach Too Good for Drugs, a state-approved curriculum for grades K-8, in 30-50 minute lessons. They present the material in a variety of interactive methods, including hands-on activities, games, props, worksheets and videos.

The 10 week curriculum focuses on equipping students with accurate, age-appropriate knowledge about drugs and alcohol, while building protective factors in five main areas.

The Five Main Areas Of Youth Prevention Universal

1. Goal Setting

It’s important for youth to learn how to set goals so they can see their own progress, and be encouraged to continue on that path. Students learn the value of setting goals, discuss the differences between short- and long-term goals and personal and group goals, and practice setting their own goals.

2. Social Skills

Creating a strong friendship network is an important and positive part of students’ lives. Students learn how to choose and make friends, request and offer help, recognize others’ feelings, celebrate differences, participate in positive peer groups, and engage in community service.

3. Decision Making

Making good decisions is an important key to success. Students learn about social influences, differentiate between what’s “safe” and “unsafe,” and discuss consequences and the importance of learning from mistakes. Students also learn how to make safe and healthy choices, and are taught the importance of personal responsibility and commitment to make good decisions.

4. Identifying & Managing Emotions

Every student experiences happiness, sadness, anger, hurt, and disappointment. Though they are natural, youth cannot always recognize them, let alone understand them. Students learn facts about emotions and self-esteem, practice recognizing and demonstrating various feelings, and learn techniques about how to handle them.

5. Communicating Effectively

Learning how to communicate clearly is foundational to a student’s development. Students are taught techniques regarding emotional expression, listening, paraphrasing, assertiveness, resisting peer pressure and positive self-talk. They are also given opportunities to practice these skills.

Youth Prevention Indicated

Prevention specialists in our YPI program teach a 6 week course geared towards students who are at risk or indicated for drug and alcohol abuse. They utilize the Project Towards No Drug Abuse curriculum. Our specialists also meet with students one-on-one in an effort to identify and address specific risk factors, build protective factors and help them live a drug-free life. Learn more about the Project Towards No Drug Abuse program…

Youth Prevention Selected

Our prevention specialists work with select groups of students to implement the Positive Action curriculum, which focuses on the way that our thoughts, feelings, and actions impact each other. By building emotional intelligence and equipping students with decision making skills, we help break the cycle of addiction among students with risk factors for substance abuse. Learn more about the Positive Action program…

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